A model passes into eternity….

Marcia M. was only 39, incredibly beautiful and brave.

Diagnosed only 1 1/2 years ago, with lung cancer and she was close to the end of her life then.
Coming to the Oldham studio at the end of fall 2012, she was active, excited about her photo shoot and really into the clothing and accessories she brought to her session! She was thrilled at the opportunity to have a ‘model shoot’ with all the loud music, fans and poses!

From the sounds of it, Marcia has grown up without many of the things that we so casually take for granted. She’s lived a difficult life that is ending much in the same way… struggling for survival.

After having a wisdom tooth removed, the pain remained for almost a year, then developing into a lump/growth on the side of her jaw. By the time a concerned physician did some other testing, the tumors filled her torso and lung and liver cancer had developed and she was pronounced, ‘terminal’.

In considerable pain and with some shortness of breath, she went about ‘performing’ for her photo session with enthusiasm, not really wanting to discuss her condition. Her sister told me that day, that Marcia wasn’t totally aware of the severity of her condition and wanted to live the rest of her life normally.

She passed quietly at home on Friday, with her sister and her Mom at her side. Krystal, her sister, said, “It’s like we all fell asleep together, and she was gone.” She’s already painfully missed by her family and a few close friends.

She had a dream come true that day at Oldham…. she got to be the model she always wanted to be… and she did an AMAZING job, being the STAR of the day!!