Designing your own treatment room??

Heather L. is an architect…. who would have dreamed that when she designed the Cancer Center and treatment rooms at the University of Michigan Hospital, that she would eventually be a patient in one of those very rooms?

Diagonosed with triple negative breast cancer at age 47, Heather found the lump herself, but didn’t think, or didn’t want to think it serious. She had a European vacation planned and intended to investigate the lump as soon as she returned….

“I know so many women successfully going through treatment…. I’ll just get the lumpectomy and move on with life. No big deal.” But, she grows silent when she talks about the survival rate of women with her type of breast cancer… things aren’t quite like she’d initially thought.

Now planning more surgery, she’s only able to work about 1/4 time, which she seems to struggle with. Involved in a mostly women architectural firm in Ann Arbor, she gets a lot of support from co-workers and good friends. They even were involved in a ‘head shaving’ celebration, including wine and food!

“This has forced me to slow down… I’m always going at 1000 miles an hour.”

“I’ve had to ask for help…. that’s not me.”