Hanging on for a baby….

When some strange symptoms stymied doctors, Janice was persistent in finding out what was going on.
At age 57, Janice has been plagued by an unusual list of symptoms and was originally diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Not feeling well for months, thinking it was all related to a previous 12 back surgeries, she just didn’t think it ¬†was serious when she didn’t feel good. Then finding a lump under her arm, she and the doctors assumed it was the breast cancer. But, not till doing some more extensive testing did it reveal that she actually had lung cancer that had spread outside the lungs and it was a lung tumor under her arm.

Given 3 to 4 years at the most to live, she said, “I was so pissed. I was going to prove that doctor wrong.” Married for 43 years to her husband Ken, she is expecting a new grandbaby and is determined “to hang on till that baby gets here!”

“I’ve never been mad at God… He didn’t do this to me. What will be, will be.”

Taking life, “one day at a time”, she focus’ on family and friends and spending time together. As we hear from most of the people we see at Oldham, she says, “I’m much stronger than I thought…. I’ve learned to let go of a lot and accept help.”

Her greatest wish, besides meeting this new grandbaby is to take a hot air balloon ride! Can anyone help with that??