Words from Janet herself….

I couldn’t find another way to tell Janet’s story, so here are her words about Oldham and why she chose to participate in our “Be Bold, Feel Beautiful” program. The kind of cancer she fights doesn’t matter, as these concerns belong to all the women undergoing treatment for any type of cancer and have lost their hair, eyebrows and lashes and perhaps, even body parts. Listen to Janet’s words….

“I had a great time.  The girls that did my make-up were very nice and the photo shoot with you was wonderful, it was all such a great time, it was nice to take a break from the cancer worries.  I was told about this project one day while i was at the hospital having chemo, when presented with the flyer my thought was ya right i don’t think this is for me all the women on this flyer are all beautiful. I did not feel that way at all so i just put the flyer in my chemo folder were i put all my blood work, chemo orders drappt. info ect. there it sat for weeks always looking at me whenever i opened the folder, which was 1-2 times a wk since chemo is every week.  It wasn’t till i lost a friend to breast cancer that i saw how important these pics can be, for you see she had her pics. taken when the be bold, feelbeautiful was launched and seeing the pics of her that the family had put on display at her celebration of life party made me think that i should call you.  My friend’s family was very proud of her pictures and seeing how happy andbeautiful she was in the pictures made me want the same for my family.
I no that i am not the only one to have these thoughts of not feeling “pretty” so i wanted to just let others know that its ok to make that call to schedule their make me feel pretty day, as i like to call it.  It is so hard to think of yourself as pretty when you do not have any eyebrows, eyelashes or hair and when people look at you with that look everywhere you go.  The Oldham Project made me feel pretty, and even though the process was a couple of hours it had brought sunshine to what has seemed like decades of cloudy days. 

I do not know if you remember or not but when i finally got up the courage to call you to schedule an appt. you did not answer i just got your message, and that was prob. because i called on the weekend, but i did not leave a message, i wimped out.  You called me back because you saw my number on the caller id and for that i just wanted to say thank you, thank you for taking the extra time to call me back when you had no idea who i was.  Thank you for all you do to make all of us baldies feel pretty.
Thank you again”,
 Janet Hines
If you or someone you know is considering the Oldham Experience, please consider this….They might not be ready for photography yet if this is a relatively new diagnosis for them. They sometimes need to hear about this a couple times and have time to consider and then finally, if you’ve been through this “Oldham Experience”, please share all the positives with those around you at chemo, the doctors office and family and friends. You will never know what a positive impact that has on you and those you share with!