2019 Gala – SAVE THE DATE

Thursday, May 9, 2019 Eagle Eye

A model passes into eternity….

Marcia M. was only 39, incredibly beautiful and brave. Diagnosed only 1 1/2 years ago, with lung cancer and she was close to the end of her life then. Coming to the Oldham studio at the end of fall 2012, she was active, excited about her photo shoot and really into the clothing and accessories […]

"It was an out of body experience…."

Ginny R. was a healthy, active person, with absolutely no family history of serious illness….let alone cancer.In February of 2012, after feeling fatigued all the time and ‘just not feeling like myself’… she sought medical attention and was diagnosed with Stage 4, non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. A PET scan revealing that her entire torso was filled with […]

"She was so proud of her pictures…"

We received some sad news this past week…. Pat May, one of our very recent Bold and Beautiful women, had lost her battle with lung cancer. Diagnosed just this past spring with Stage 4 lung cancer, she was determined to ‘beat the odds’ and fight the cancer. She said she’d been living on her own […]

"This is happening to both of us…."

Janet P. and her husband ‘both’ have cancer…. she was actually diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in July of this year, but he husband is fighting this right along-side her, as if he has it as well. Her first thoughts and concerns when she heard the diagnosis, weren’t of herself, cancer, treatment or side-effects, […]

Designing your own treatment room??

Heather L. is an architect…. who would have dreamed that when she designed the Cancer Center and treatment rooms at the University of Michigan Hospital, that she would eventually be a patient in one of those very rooms? Diagonosed with triple negative breast cancer at age 47, Heather found the lump herself, but didn’t think, […]

Feeling a little guilty….

This thought was gut-wrenching for me… the thought of someone dying, so I could live. But, this very thought was part of Sandi’s existence for several years as she waited for lungs to breathe and ultimately live. Suffering long term illness after a brain tumor in college, Sandi’s health continued to deteriorate over the years […]

"I want my mother…."

We all know how comforting mothers are when we are sick, injured or have a broken heart… Mom’s just seem to make it all better. The first thing that Pat thought about when she got her cancer diagnosis, was her mother and wishing she could be there to “make it go away.” Even at age […]

Hanging on for a baby….

When some strange symptoms stymied doctors, Janice was persistent in finding out what was going on.At age 57, Janice has been plagued by an unusual list of symptoms and was originally diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Not feeling well for months, thinking it was all related to a previous 12 back surgeries, she just […]

Relying on God’s promises….

Dorcas G., a gorgeous 49 year old woman, walks through the ‘valley of the shadow of death’, saying she relies on God’s promises and “it’s only a shadow.” Diagnosed with Breast Cancer this past March, she was shocked. No family history, originally thought to be benign…. was eventually found to be a rare, aggressive form of […]