Words from Janet herself….

I couldn’t find another way to tell Janet’s story, so here are her words about Oldham and why she chose to participate in our “Be Bold, Feel Beautiful” program. The kind of cancer she fights doesn’t matter, as these concerns belong to all the women undergoing treatment for any type of cancer and have lost […]

What would you do if your days were numbered?

This amazing woman has overcome some incredible challenges and is still smiling. It’s all about attitude. Romani came to the US from Sri Lanka at age 26, quite an adjustment in culture, language and societal attitudes…. but she not only survived, but thrived. She lost a child to a Stage 4 Neruroblastoma when she was 9 years old… but […]

"I’m not afraid of dying…."

At 52, beautiful, stong and very much loved by her devoted family, Gloria T. shouldn’t be thinking about the upcoming end of her life. After a sudden, unexplained weight loss, she was originally diagnosed with gastric (stomach) cancer in the spring of 2006. Undergoing treatment at that time, she fought hard for those that she […]

We have BOLD and Handsome men too!

At 22 years old, most young people are thinking about maybe their last year of college, what kind of job they’ll land, probably about their career choice and the partner they’ll spend their life with…. some probably dream of continuing on in school and making their fortune with some sort of post graduate degree. Some […]

Cancer looks different for everyone…

Sometimes you don’t see the cancer. Sometimes it looks different on someone. Sometimes it’s hidden, but still just as devastating.Kerry B., age 56, has lung, throat and larynx cancer and just days after these images were documented, she had her larynx, throat and part of her lung removed…. leaving her silent.“I can’t say I’m not […]

Her little men convinced her to do this….

Diagnosed with Stage 2-3 Breast Cancer in December of 2011, Vickie never knew the turns her life would take… Finding her own lump, she sought medical attention and was quickly diagnosed, with the breast cancer, but also 2 positive nodes, requiring not only chemotherapy, but radiation. Having her sister and both parents deceased from cancer, […]

They’ve become our friends…

Colleen is in a battle again…. The most difficult part of this job is seeing ‘repeat’ clients…. meaning, that they’ve been photographed in the midst of their illness previously, had a recovery and are now in the middle of a battle with cancer, AGAIN. It’s the most difficult phone call to receive as a photographer. […]

"We have a LOT of hope…."

Imagine being 21 years old, feeling sick… for a long time…. night sweats, strange rashes, tired all the time, short of breath…. and being treated for two years for ‘chest pain.’ How frustrating would that be? Not feeling like you can have a life, cause you feel so crappy? THEN, being told you have Stage […]

Exciting News for Oldham

We’ve had a banner week this week at Oldham! First, we had a small article appearing within the ‘fall’ issue of Midwest Living magazine! The Oldham Project excitedly announces a new ‘partnership’ of sorts with McLaren Health Systems! McLaren has graciously offered Oldham an office suite at their South Pennsylvania campus! We hope to be […]