A Day to Breathe

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In partnership with New World Flood, we are offering “A Day to Breathe” for our participants that will allow a day away from Doctors, Medicines and Needles. A day to relax and enjoy who they are…”A Day to Breathe”.

Each “A Day to Breathe” event will be different.

Our latest “A Day to Breathe” event was a Spa Day held on February 5, 2015. After a wonderful limo ride to the Kellogg Center, the women enjoyed back and hand massages generously donated by Douglas J. They were also able to learn healthy cooking tips by awarding winning MSU Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski. They enjoyed appetizers, interacting with other Oldham participants and FAMILY Members, and many wonderful give-aways.

Keep posted for more details on our next “A Day to Breathe” for our Oldham Participants.


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