The Oldham Project began as a thought after the funeral of a second sister to die of cancer. Named for these sisters who fought valiant, courageous fights but eventually succumbed to breast cancer, and a third sister, who has ultimately saved her life with preventative surgery — the Oldham Project was conceived to document the lives of everyone who is fighting a battle for their lives. It is a tribute to them and their strength and courage

In 2008, The Oldham Project became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to providing free portrait sessions to those suffering from life threatening or terminal illnesses. Families in our community are suffering the loss of a loved one each and every day. Through this organization, we offer these fine portraits FREE of charge so that their memory may be kept alive for generations to come.

You can help The Oldham Project in our mission of bringing life into focus by recommending our programs to friends and loved ones who are suffering from life threatening or terminal illnesses. The portraits are completely free of charge and create lasting memories for the participants and their families.


Terri Shaver

Board of Directors

Amy Kraus :: Chair
Treasurer, City of Lansing
Jessica Cosens :: Vice Chair
Director, Traction Partners, Inc.
Traci Riehl :: Treasurer/Secretary
President, Riehl Solutions
John Madden :: Past Chair, Executive Committee Member
President, Integrated Audio and Video
Anne Subrizi :: Executive Committee Member
Marketing Director, Creative Wellness
Eric L. Sturdy, Jr. :: Executive Committee Member
Executive Director, McLaren Greater Lansing Healthcare Foundation
The Oldham Gallery